WHA Membership

Membership Information

Wildlife Health Australia aims to link, inform and support people and organisations who work with or have an interest in wildlife health across Australia through technical advice, facilitation, communications and professional support.

By becoming a member of WHA, you join a network of stakeholders with an interest in wildlife health. Your benefits as a WHA member include:

  • Receiving a weekly electronic digest by email of wildlife health information relevant to Australia and the Region
  • Receiving ad hoc disease incident notifications and information requests via email
  • The opportunity to contribute articles, requests and information to the digest
  • Receive information relating to careers and PhD opportunities, training, conferences and events
  • Have your say in the direction and future initiatives of WHA
  • Be part of an organisation that is working towards a nationally integrated wildlife health system for Australia.

Check out our  Membership Fact Sheet (2.3MB) for more information.

The WHA membership categories are detailed within the  WHA Constitution and are also summarised on the Membership Application Form.

Please fill in the  WHA Membership Application Form and return to the WHA Public Officer (contact details below). Please note, your signature is required on page 2.

All written requests for membership will be provided to the WHA Management Committee for consideration, and notification of results will be sent to applicants.

  • Become an Associate Member to receive the Digest, but not have the right to vote at the WHA annual general meetings. 

  • Become an Individual Member to receive the Digest, and have the right to vote at the WHA annual general meetings. Please note, you must first be an Associate Member for a period of two full financial years before you can apply for Individual Memberships.

Privacy Information

The Public Officer of WHA must establish and maintain a register of members of Wildlife Health Australia specifying the name, postal address and principal place of business of each member, the date on which the person became a member, the class of membership, and the contact details of the member’s representatives (for organisational or funding members). This register must be open for inspection, free of charge, to any member of WHA. 

WHA abides by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. See our WHA Privacy Policy for more information.

Address:   Suite E, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia 
email: admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au 

+61 2 9960 6333 during business hours Monday to Friday.


If you would like access to the electronic Wildlife Health Information System (eWHIS), you will first need to become a member of WHA (see above). Once your membership has been confirmed, please send an email to admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au requesting access to eWHIS.