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Wildlife Health Australia (WHA) is the coordinating body for wildlife health in Australia. Our principal objectives are the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. We undertake research, investigate and monitor wildlife diseases in Australia.

We link, inform and support people and organisations who work with or have an interest in wildlife health and provide leadership, coordination, technical advice, facilitation, communications and professional support. Our members form a network of government and private stakeholders to help manage the adverse effects of wildlife diseases on Australia’s environment, biodiversity, animal and human health, trade and tourism.

WHA has a strong One Health focus. Through our activities we also help link the environment, animal health and public health sectors. We collect and disseminate information on wildlife disease events from across Australia through our programs and projects.

During disease incidents involving wildlife, our role is one of communication, coordination, linkage and the provision of technical information to assist response agencies and stakeholders. 

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Access to the database is restricted to WHA surveillance program participants. 

Requests for data held in eWHIS may be submitted for specific projects.