WHA Coordinators (General Surveillance)

In Australia, animal health issues are managed at both state and territory level as well as at a national level. Wildlife health surveillance is similar. 

The Wildlife Health Australia Coordinator Group provides a framework for reporting wildlife disease information into the national electronic Wildlife Health Information System (eWHIS).

Each state and territory has a primary ‘WHA Coordinator’ contact. Each WHA Coordinator is appointed and funded by their state and territory Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) or in the case of Australian Antarctic Territory, the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division. The WHA Coordinator represents their jurisdiction's animal health agency and are part of Australia’s animal health framework.  

Each WHA Coordinator is supported by a WHA Environment Representative, from the respective jurisdiction’s environment / conservation agency. 

In addition to the state and territory ‘WHA Coordinators’, the WHA Coordinator Group includes representatives from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, the Australian Department of Health, the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health (The Registry), CSIROAustralian Centre for Disease Preparednes (ACDP), the Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA), Northern Australian Quarantine Strategy (NAQS) Program and Animal Health Australia (AHA).

Each WHA Coordinator reports on wildlife disease events that meet the criteria of interest into the national electronic Wildlife Health Information System (eWHIS), and participates in quarterly teleconferences held by WHA.

Additional components of Australia's wildlife health surveillance system include: 


Australia’s general wildlife health surveillance system is supported in-kind from participating agencies and their laboratories. As well, Animal Health Australia (AHA) contributes funding each year to support the inclusion of important wildlife health information into surveillance information published by the National Animal Health Information Program in Animal Health Surveillance Quarterly [AHSQ] and the annual Animal Health in Australia Report [AHiA]. List of WHA reports in AHSQ.

For more information please contact admin@wildlifehealthaustralia.com.au.

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